CONFERENCE | Vine-growing and winemaking in the Roman world


Day two of a three-day conference organised by Emlyn Dodd (BSR), Dimitri Van Limbergen (Ghent) and Maria Stella Busana (Padova).

Keynote on 28 OCTOBER (at the BSR): From east to west and back again: the rise, consolidation and expansion of the Roman wine industry – Patrick E. McGovern (Pennsylvania)

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Vine-growing and winemaking in the Roman world

This three-day hybrid event brings together archaeologists and classicists worldwide to debate current developments in the field of Roman vine and wine studies. Almost 30 years after the seminal ‘La production du vin et de l’huile en Méditerranée’ volume by Amouretti & Brun (1993), and some 15 years after its monumental four-part follow-up ‘Archéologie du vin et de l’huile’ by Brun (2003-2005), the corpus of viticultural material has steadily grown in various parts of the Roman world, while the archaeological study of Roman wine has evolved into a highly dynamic and multidisciplinary field. The time is ripe then to draw up a new state of the field, to upgrade our knowledge on data and methods, and to discuss how to steer forward the study of Roman viniculture into new, pertinent and promising directions. 

Alongside the main section of the conference – with over 50 specialists updating our views on these matters in East and West over six territorial sessions – the symposium also includes keynote lectures by Jean-Pierre Brun, Andrew Wilson and Patrick McGovern, a poster session for showcasing new and ongoing research, and an ancient wine tasting experience. 

The conference is conceptualized as a hybrid multilocation event, and will take place at the Academia Belgica,  British School at Rome, and Royal Dutch Institute in Rome. 

The entire event can be followed online over zoom.