2014 Rome-London Lecture : Apuleius the Provincial

Tuesday 20th May 17.00 2014 at Senate House (G22-26), London

A lecture by Professor Alessandro Barchiesi

The Metamorphoses of Apuleius is often described as one of the first novels: it is important in this perspective to look at the relationship between Rome and the provinces, centre and periphery, as a crucial aspect of the plot.

The Rome-London Lectures, launched in November 2012, are intended to promote collaboration on all aspects of the Classical tradition in Italy, with special emphasis on Roman archaeology and history, but not excluding aspects such as literature, language, philosophy and art. Each year a UK-based scholar presents a lecture in Rome, while an Italian scholar gives one at the Institute.

This collaborative venture is supported by the Institute of Classical Studies, the British School at Rome, the British Museum and the Roman Society.