'Transaktionen' featuring Jonas St Michel in Berlin

Those in Berlin can currently see works by Jonas St Michael (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres Québec Resident 2015–16) in the group show Transaktionen at Haus Am Lutzowplatz.

‘With a wide-ranging accompanying program, the exhibition offers a platform for discourse, aimed at illuminating and challenging various aspects of the relationship between artistic practices and the current financial system.  Economic aspects have always belonged to the production and reception of art. But the medium never seems to have been reshaped and driven by the forces of the market to the extent we observe today. Art and capital enter close collusions, the basis on which the Western product of “Contemporary Art” is distributed worldwide. Haus am Lützowplatz shows works that reflect, uncover, or even embody the underlying structures of capitalist exchange.’ — HAL website.

Transaktionen will run until 20 August.