The Archaeology of St John Lateran and the Transformation of Rome

Monday 23 June 18.00 2014 at The British Academy, London

A lecture by Professor Ian Haynes
(Professor of Archaeology, Newcastle University)

Two and a half centuries of excavation beneath St John Lateran, the Pope’s Cathedral, have exposed the remains of Rome’s oldest church buildings, the Castra Nova, home to Severus’s horse-guards, a second century AD bath complex and an impressive spread of still earlier palatial housing. The complexity of this extensive site, covering more that 5,000 square metres, is such that most of it remains un-surveyed and unpublished, while the few elements that have been published have often been poorly understood. Yet, as the Lateran Project is now demonstrating, these buildings offer a vital insight not only into the transformation of the Lateran quarter but also of Rome itself. Professor Haynes is co-leading the project with Professor Paolo Liverani of the University of Florence.

Please contact Alice Christie if you wish to attend.