Postgraduate course in Roman Epigraphy

What is the Postgraduate course on Epigraphy?

For the first time, in July 2012, the BSR welcomed an interdisciplinary group of postgraduates, from the fields of archaeology, ancient history, art history, museum studies, classics and related fields (including but not limited to epigraphy) who wished to pursue the study of epigraphic evidence in their research.

The intensive eight-day course explored the uses of epigraphy as a source in various formats and contexts considering how writing is presented in the ancient and modern landscapes including. The structure of the course allowed time for independent research project and included daily ‘ambulatio’ in the city of Rome, a site visit at Ostia, visits to local museums and archives (including online databases) as well as interaction with academics and ongoing research projects in the field.

Course Director: Dr. Abigail Graham (Lecturer in Ancient History at Warwick University)

Next course 7th – 16th July 2014

How do I apply?

Details of how to apply, along with further information on the course are available here.

Initial information can been seen here.

The eventual programme of the course will be adjusted based on the research interests of participants, but the 2012 programme (above) gives a general guideline of the syllabus.

The deadline for applications will be 30 January 2014.

What does it cost?

Course fee in 2012 was € 800. The course fee for 2014 is likely to be in the range of €850-870 for full board accommodation** in a shared room, membership to the British School at Rome as well as use of the library, travel around Rome and site entry fees but does not include travel to Rome.

Students are strongly encouraged to seek funding from their own institutions.

**No dinner is provided on Saturday night and no lunch on Sunday.


Past Courses

Past Courses

Programme for the 2012 course

2012 course report by the Course Director

For further information on the 2012 course click here.

A sister course on Greek Epigraphy runs in alternate years at the British School in Athens (next course scheduled for 2013). Further details can be found here.



The support of the Classical Association is gratefully acknowledged.





"The opportunity to make rubbings of the inscriptions in the Vatican's Galleria Lapidaria was a great privilege"

"The course not only provided for lively debates but also forced me to view Roman history through a number of lenses"

"The friendly staff made the BSR a comfortable place work in and the flow of researchers created an absorbing academic atmosphere"

Roman Epigraphy course 2012