Sinta Tantra makes Corriere di Siena front page in interview about 'drappellone' for Palio di Siena

This year’s Bridget Riley Fellow Sinta Tantra features on the front page of Corriere di Siena in an interview about the painted flag (the ‘drappellone’) she is creating for August’s famous Palio di Siena.

The flag is yet to be revealed, but Sinta tells us her design will unit traditional and contemporary themes.

Watch this space!

ARTICOLO SINTA TANTRA_CorrierediSiena_20170804_Page_1 ARTICOLO SINTA TANTRA_CorrierediSiena_20170804_Page_2 ARTICOLO SINTA TANTRA_CorrierediSiena_20170804_Page_3