The BSR’s publications reflect the range of its research

  • The Papers of the British School at Rome is an internationally-renowned, multi-disciplinary annual journal featuring world-class research both by the BSR and its award-holders and by members of the broader academic community.
  • Other BSR publications include monographs and collected essays on archaeology, art history, classical studies and history, including material from the BSR collections.

Submissions for publication

Authors and editors intending to submit a volume for consideration for publication by the BSR are encouraged to contact the Chair of Publications in advance, to discuss the suitability of potential submissions. Details of how to submit a proposal can be downloaded here; and general guidance and instructions for authors and editors downloaded here.

Purchasing BSR publications

BSR Members are entitled to a discount (usually 20%) on BSR publications ordered directly from the BSR London office at the British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH, or bought in person at the BSR in Rome.

Some items can only be ordered from the publisher – see here for a complete list of what we publish and how to get them.


Selection from Recent Publications

Old Saint Peter's, Rome. R. McKitterick, J. Osborne, C.M. Richardson & J. Story (eds) (2013)  

Ocriculum (Otricoli, Umbria): an Archaeological Survey of the Roman Town (Archaeological Monograph 22). S. Hay, S. Keay, & M. Millett (2013)  

Rome, Portus and the Mediterranean. S. Keay (ed.) (2013)
Vesuvian Sigillata at Pompeii. J. McKenzie-Clark (2012)

Rome, Pollution and Propriety. Dirt, Disease and Hygiene in the Eternal City from Antiquity to Modernity. M. Bradley (ed.) (2012) 

 Veii. The Historical Topograph of the Ancient City. A Restudy of John Ward-Perkins's Survey. R. Cascino, H. Di Giuseppe and H. L. Patterson (2012)

San Vincenzo Maggiore and Its Workshops. R. Hodges, S. Leppard & . Mitchell (2011)

Portus and its Hinterland: Recent Archaeological Research. Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome. S. Keay & L. Paroli (eds) (2011)

Roma Britannica. D.R. Marshall, S. Russell & K. Wolfe (eds) (2011)

Digging & Dealing in C18th Rome (Vol. 1): I. Bignamini & C. Hornsby (2010) 

Portus. An Archaeological Survey of the Port of Imperial Rome. (Archaeological Monograph 15) (published in collaboration with the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Sopraintendenza per i Beni Archeologici di Ostia). S. Keay, M. Millett, L. Paroli & K. Strutt (2005)