Photo by Guido Petruccioli

Linking Evidence

A Digital Approach to Medieval and Early Renaissance Rome, c. 1140-1430

Claudia Bolgia (University of Edinburgh) and Maurizio Campanelli (Sapienza, Università di Roma) are working on an interdisciplinary website project which links in an interactive way written and visual evidence concerning medieval and early Renaissance Rome, including the descriptions of the City from Mirabilia to Poggio Bracciolini, the epigraphs associated with monuments and works of art, and the images attesting to the appearance (either actual or perceived) of the monuments mentioned in the texts and to their transformation across the centuries. Combining philology and art history, the project aims to deepen our understanding of Rome (as both a place and an idea), providing an innovative research tool by which to study the medieval and early Renaissance City from a new perspective.

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