Landscapes and Urbanscapes

The BSR has always been known for its contribution to the understanding of landscapes; BSR projects continue to lead the way in terms of rigour, complexity and scientific interest, and bring the additional interest of a vibrant architectural programme.

From the pivotal work of Ashby (whose major legacy remains the important photographic archive in the BSR Library) to Ward-Perkins’ South Etruria Survey (currently being revisited in the Tiber Valley Survey project) to the recent geophysical work conducted by Simon Keay and Martin Millett, from villa to region, from hinterland to city, the BSR has developed remarkable experience in some of the most exciting sites and areas from the ancient world, many now fully contextualised within a broader chronological scope.

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Archaeology Current Projects

Award-Holders since 2008

Rafael Scopacasa (Exeter): Cultural identity in ancient Italy: patterns in social practice from the Iron Age to the Roman expansion
Duncan Keenan-Jones (Macquarie): Water, society and environment in ancient Rome and its hinterland
Duncan Keenan-Jones (Macquarie): The Aqua Augusta. Regional water supply in Roman and late antique Campania: an historical and archaeometrical study
Amy Russell (California at Berkeley): The transformation of public space in Republican and Augustan Rome
Richard Teverson (Yale): Roman kings: the art of Rome’s royal allies in the first century CE
Rebecca Madgin (Leicester/East London): The contemporary value of industrial architecture — the Ostiense Quarter
Thomas Brigden (Newcastle): The city of Rome’s key vistas and their viewing places
Elisa Perego: Micropolitical approaches to social inequality: case-studies from first millennium BC Italy
Edward Simpson: The architecture of growth: Italian housing prototypes 1900-82
Aristotle Kallis (Lancaster): Italian Fascism and ‘the mediterranean’ imaginary: modernist architecture as notation of an alternative future for Fascism
Ricardo Agarez: The making of the Roman palazzina, 1930–60
Adam Nathaniel Furman: The Roman Singularity


Selected Publications

Simon STODDART (Rome Scholar 1980–1 & Balsdon Fellow 2003–4) & Caroline MALONE (Rome Scholar 1981–2) (with others) Opening the frontier: the Gubbio–Perugia frontier in the course of history. Papers of the British School at Rome 80 (2012): 257–94.
Stephen KAY, (2011) ‘La Villa di San Lorenzo (Cittareale, Rieti): risultati degli scavi 2009’, in G.Ghini (ed) Lazio e Sabina 7; Edizioni Quasar, 149–56.
Sophie HAY, Penny JOHNSON, Simon KEAY, and Martin MILLETT (2010) ‘Falerii Novi: further survey of the northern extramural area’, in Papers of the British School at Rome 77: 1–38.
David WHITEHOUSE (Director 1974-83) with others: Excavations at Le Mura di Santo Stefano, Anguillara Sabazia. Papers of the British School at Rome 77 (2009): 159–224.
Sally SCHAFER (Rome Scholar in Architecture) with Phil Perkins (camerone staff): The Villa Pigneto Sacchetti excavation: a new interpretation. Papers of the British School at Rome 77 (2009): 273–90.
Richard HODGES (Director 1988–95) (with Sarah Leppard and John Mitchell) Reconstructing the later eight-century claustrum at San Vincenzo al Volturno. Papers of the British School at Rome 80 (2012): 145–56.
Richard HODGES (Director 1988–95) (with Sarah Leppard and John Mitchell) San Vincenzo Maggiore and its Workshops (Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome 17) (British School at Rome, 2011).
Victoria WATSON (Sargant Fellow 2009–10) Utopian Adventure: the Corviale Void (Ashgate, 2012).