Leptis Magna, Libya

May 2009

In May 2009 a team from the British School at Rome travelled to the Libyan coast to perform a geophysical survey at Leptis Magna at the request of Marco Polo Storica.

Sculpture Leptis Magna

The project was surpervised by Professor Simon Keay (University of Southampton, the British School at Rome) and Professor Luisa Musso (Università degli Studi Roma Tre). The team undertook the magnetometry survey over a wide swath of the site, focusing along the shoreline due to potential future offshore development and with the intent of contributing to a conservation plan being developed by Marco Polo Storica. The topography of the coastal zone limited the areas that were accessible for the geophysical survey, resulting in three separate areas surveyed.

Magnetometer survey at Leptis Magna

Although there were significant limitations on the survey methodology imposed by the terrain and the modern surface debris, the results were successful in identifying a large number of features. In the area of the site between the Severan harbour and the amphitheater there were a significant number of mausolea discovered giving more information on the density and distribution of burials in this area than was previously known.

Mausoleum Gasr Shaddad Leptis Magna

Mausoleum Gasr Shaddad Leptis Magna


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