Fregellae Lazio

Fregellae, Ceprano (Lazio) 2004 – 2005

In September 2004 a geophysical survey was undertaken at the site of the Roman colony of Fregellae.

Commissioned by Professor Filippo Coarelli (University of Perugia), the survey represented a preliminary trial to test the capabilities of magnetometer survey in respect to this site. The town of Fregellae is situated on the left bank of the River Liri, a few kilometres southeast of the modern town of Ceprano.

Fregellae, Lazio

The survey located the forum with a possible colonnaded portico flanking each of its long sides. Along the central axis of the forum, an aqueduct with a tributary branch leading of to the east is visible. The remains of structures surrounding the forum were also picked up by the survey, though to different degrees. In the most successful instances, the results were clear enough to show internal divisions of a structure, but in other locations on site, only ephemeral outer walls can be identified.

Fregellae Magnetometer survey

Fregellae Magnetometer survey results

Fregellae Interpretation of survey results

Fregellae Interpretation of survey results


Further Reading

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