Roman Ports Project

The BSR’s flagship archeological research project is the Roman Ports Project, directed by Professor Simon Keay.

The Project aims to better understand the development of the Empire’s maritime activities through the study of Portus, Rome’s own seaboard imperial port and its relationships to other ports in the western Mediterranean.

It involves extensive collaboration with universities in the UK (Southampton, Cambridge and Oxford), the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma – Sezione Ostia, the Society for Libyan Studies and a range of European universities and research institutions.

There are two discrete sub-projects: Portus Project and Port Networks Project. In addition to this there has been geophysical survey at several Mediterranean ports as part of a long-term strategic goal of providing comparators for Portus; these have been independently funded. Sites studied so far include Leptis Magna, Utica, Ardea, Tarragona and Italica.


Portus Lecture November 2011

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