Herculaneum - What's Next?

The work of the project to date has demonstrated how formidable are the challenges of confronting a site in such an advanced state of decay. The team has done much towards analyzing, understanding and overcoming these problems, and has begun to explore models of how to continue to address them in the future after the project’s own conservation programme comes to a close.
Importance is being given to new initiatives for the edges of the site to improve the relationship of the site and the modern town, new archaeological exploration where this will help to make the site more manageable for the future, (particularly in the area of the north-west corner, close to the ancient Forum, where the precipitous escarpments are not safe or sustainable) and to improving site presentation and museum facilities.

For more information on this and all aspects of the Herculaneum Conservation Project please go to our dedicated project website (currently in Italian while the English version is being prepared) or email us.