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General information

The Herculaneum Conservation Project: an introduction (Andrew Wallace-Hadrill)

Herculaneum project bibliography

Herculaneum Centre introductory leaflet

Contributions to publications

What Lies Beneath – Raising the Roof (2010; Domenico Camardo, Mario Notomista, Sarah Court Current World Archaeology 42)

Saving Herculaneum (2009; Sarah Court in the DK Eyewitness publication ‘Ancient Rome Expert Files’, a guide to ancient Rome for children)

Learning Together: Sharing Conservation Decisions with the Herculaneum Conservation Project (2007; Jane Thompson, Sarah Court)

Conservation and management challenges in a public-private partnership for a large archaeological site (Herculaneum, Italy) (Jane Thompson)

Archaeology and conservation at Herculaneum: from the Maiuri campaign to the Herculaneum Conservation Project (Domenico Camardo)

Conservation measures for an archaeological site at risk (Herculaneum, Italy): from emergency to maintenance (Paola Pesaresi, Monica Martelli Castaldi)

New and existing forms of protective shelter at Herculaneum: towards improving the continuous care of the site (Paola Pesaresi, Gionata Rizzi)

Indagini archeologiche nella Casa dell’Atrio a Mosaico di Ercolano (IV,2; 1) (2006; Maria Paola Guidobaldi, Domenico Camardo, Domenico Esposito, Elena Tommasino)

Conference papers

The city within a city: conservation and community at Herculaneum (2009; Sarah Court,Association for Heritage Interpretation “Making the Past work for the Future: interpretation for regenerating places and communities”)

3D laser scanning as a tool for conservation: the experiences of the Herculaneum Conservation Project(2006; Massimo Brizzi, Sarah Court, Ascanio D’Andrea, Anselmo Lastra, Daniele Sepio al convegno CIPA/VAST “The e-volution of Information Communication Technology in Cultural Heritage”)

Conservation in the Shadow of Versuvius 2003 includes:
Un’introduzione all’Herculaneum Conservation Project (Andrew Wallace-Hadrill)
L’Herculaneum Conservation Project: aspetti architettonici (Gionata Rizzi)
La conservazione delle superficie architettoniche decorate (Monica Martelli Castaldi)

Planning a conservation project: the information system of the Insula Orientalis I(2005; Massimo Brizzi, Ascanio D’Andrea, Daniele Sepio, Michele De Silva, Sarah Court al convegno CIPA “Heritage documentation: international cooperation to save the world’s cultural heritage”)