Paestum: what new excavations and scientific analysis tell us about a Greek city in Italy

BSR–Institute of Classical Studies Lecture

TUESDAY 26 FEBRUARY, 17.00–19.00

Gabriel Zuchtriegel (Director, Archaeological Park of Paestum)

The three Doric temples of Paestum have been at the centre of archaeological research since the eighteenth century, when artists, writers and scholars ‘rediscovered’ the site south of Naples. However, there are still many lacunae in our knowledge about the people who lived in Paestum and built the temples. New excavations and archaeometric analysis carried out by the Archaeological Park of Paestum together with partners from Italy and abroad shed new light on a series of questions: what was daily life like in a Greek colonial city like Paestum and how did the construction of the temples interact with the local community and their environment?

This event will be held at the Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU.

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