Events in Italy

Many events are held throughout the year at the BSR in Rome and you are very warmly invited to join us.


Friday 14 December 2018

December Mostra

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Translation, travel and treason: William Barker in Early Modern Italy

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Franciscan political thought in Baroque Rome

Friday 18 January 2019

A Community in Transition: Roman History, 200–134 bc

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Second World War military intelligence: aerial photography in the Mediterranean Theatre

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Roman Ports in Time and Space: Reflections upon Issues raised by the PortusLimen Project

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Reflections on truth and reconciliation: the case of Burundi

Friday 8 February 2019

Unsettling Remembering and Social Cohesion in Transnational Europe (UNREST)

Wednesday 13 February 2019

New Publics

Thursday 14 February 2019

Film screening: St Valentine’s Day LGBTQ+ Short Films

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Visions of ruin: Volney’s Les ruines and Mary Shelley’s Rome

Friday 22 February 2019

Keats and Mythology (1819–2019)

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Beyond queer minimalism

Thursday 28 February 2019

We have always been Cyborgs: on the ethics of posthumanism and transhumanism

Monday 4 March 2019

Protective Shelters for Archaeological Sites

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Decolonizing archaeology: lost cities and the construction of a mythical, normative past

Monday 11 March 2019

Performing ancient sculpture: Vernon Lee and psychological aesthetics

Friday 15 March 2019

March Mostra

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Il ‘Palazzo-santuario’ di Augusto

Thursday 21 March 2019

Film screening: Against the Law (2017)

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Atterraggi poetici e pericolosi

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Roman Britain and Rome in Late Antiquity

Friday 29 March 2019

Press Play: Creative Interventions in Research and Practice