British School at Rome

Digital Collections

Thousands of photographs, maps and rare prints from the BSR collections are available on-line.

All low resolution images may be freely used for educational and scholarly purposes.

The BSR Library & Archive Digital Collections website

This contains over 15,000 zoomable images.

The BSR digital collections website was created to present not only photographs but also other types of visual resources from the Library and Archive collections. The majority of the digital images displayed on this website, to date, are from photographic material.

The collections currently available are:

  • Photographs (1864–77): John Henry Parker
  • Photographs (1890–1910): Peter Paul Mackey
  • Photographs (1892–1926): Thomas Ashby: photographs of Abruzzo and aqueducts of Lazio
  • Photographs (1913–14): Robert Gardner: photographs of the via Appia and the via Traiana, particularly the stretch from Benevento to Brindisi
  • Photographs (1946–74): John Bryan Ward-Perkins: South-Etruria / Libya / War Damage series
  • Prints (XVI–XVIII cent.): Thomas Ashby, Miscellanea collection
  • Maps (XVII–XIX cent.): Library collection
  • Drawings (1810–30): James Hakewill

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Thomas Ashby collection (1890–c.1925)

Archaeology, topography, architecture, monuments, local festivals, costumes and landscape in Italy. Archaeological sites and his own excavations in North Africa, Greece, Malta, Wales, etc. Family annual trips to England, Australia, Ceylon, BSR events, BSR building, fellows of the School.
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Dora and Agnes Bulwer collection (1890–c.1930?)

Views of Italy, France, Greece and personal travel albums.
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