Daniel Sinsel in group show in Glasgow

Daniel Sinsel (Abbey Fellow in Painting 2014-15) exhibits in the group show at MARY MARY Gallery, Glasgow.

“Mary Mary is pleased to present a three person exhibition with Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson and Daniel Sinsel. This grouping brings together three artists who have their work based in the foundation of the painting medium and in various ways seek to reinterpret how they work within it, present ideas and challenge reads of the painterly surface and image. In the work of Lisa Alvarado, this is illustrated with the works having a semi-functional life as performance back-drops, existing as physical objects, working as visual points of reference. Daniel Sinsel’s work has stong links to the body, working with ever increasingly tactile and muliply layered surfaces, textures and materials. Alex Olson’s work focuses on the physical act of looking and the analysis that follows it, with mark-making and texture as a root to varying interpretations and changing perspectives.” — Press Release

Daniel Sinsel, Untitled

The exhibition is open from 14.11.2017 — 20.01.2018.