British School at Rome

Staff and Fellows


Director: Christopher Smith, MA DPhil FSAS FRHistS FSA

After a doctorate at Oxford on Early Rome and Latium from 1000 to 500 BC, Christopher moved to the University of St Andrews in 1992. In 2006 he was appointed Vice-Principal with responsibility for graduate studies and student services. His research interests are focused on the development of Rome as a political and social community, and on how this was represented in ancient historical writing and subsequent political thought. He is one of the editors of a major new edition of the Fragmentary Roman Historians. Christopher first came to the BSR in 1990, and was the 2006-7 Hugh Last Fellow before returning as Director in 2009.

Assistant Director: Stefania Gerevini, MA PhD

Following a degree in cultural management from L. Bocconi University, Stefania obtained her MA and PhD in art history from the Courtauld Institute, writing about Byzantine art in Siena and Venice in the fourteenth century. After two years as a research fellow at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz and IMT Lucca, Stefania returned to the Courtauld as a lecturer (20122014), subsequently joining the BSR in 2014. Her current research focuses on issues of artistic interchange, conflict and cultural identity in the medieval Mediterranean, particularly in Genoa, Venice and Byzantium; and on the conceptualisations and artistic applications of light and transparency in medieval art.

Cary Fellow:  Robert Coates-Stephens, BA PhD

Robert gained his degree and PhD in archaeology at University College London (1988-95). He first came to the BSR as Rome Scholar in 1995-6 and has been Cary Fellow since 2002. He directs the undergraduate Ancient Rome Summer School and postgraduate City of Rome courses. In addition to the topography, history, art and archaeology of the city of Rome, his research centres on the Antique in the Early Middle Ages. He is the author of Porta Maggiore: Monument and Landscape (2004)and Immagini e memoria: Rome in the photographs of Father Peter Paul Mackey (2009), and is a Socio Corrispondente of the Pontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia.

Rome Fellow in Architecture: Marina Engel, MA

Marina Engel set up and curated the British School at Rome’s contemporary art programme from 1990 to 1996, before leaving for Switzerland. On her return in 2006 she established the BSR’s architecture programme, which she continues to curate.

Research Professor in Archaeology: Simon Keay, BA PhD FSA

Further information on Simon can be found on his profile page at the University of Southampton.

Senior Research Fellow in Modern Studies and Contemporary Visual Culture: Jacopo Benci

Jacopo is a practising artist who works across media. He holds a degree in contemporary art history from La Sapienza University, and since 2003 he has been researching, lecturing and publishing on 1940s-1980s Italian cinema, photography, and visual arts. He joined the BSR in 1992 and was Assistant Director (Fine Arts) from 1998 to 2013. For further information see Jacopo’s website.

Arts Adviser: Marco Palmieri, BA PgDip

Marco joined the BSR in 2014. He studied at the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury and the Royal Academy Schools, London.

LibrarianValerie Scott, BA

Valerie joined the BSR as Assistant Librarian in 1981, becoming Librarian in 1988.

Deputy LibrarianBeatrice Gelosia

Beatrice has been associated with the BSR since 1981, becoming full-time in 1989.

Library Assistants: Francesca De Riso, Francesca Deli, Patrizio Gianferro, Cecilia Spano

Francesca De Riso, BA: Francesca joined the BSR in 1998 and is in charge of the management of periodicals.
Francesca Deli: Francesca joined the BSR in 2004, becoming full-time in 2006.
Patrizio Gianferro & Cecilia Spano provide part-time support for shelving and cataloging

ArchivistAlessandra Giovenco, MA

Alessandra joined the BSR in 1997 and has managed the Archive since 2002.

Communications Manager: Natalie Arrowsmith, BA MPhil

Natalie first came to the BSR on the undergraduate summer school in 2009. She came back to the BSR as a member of staff in 2012, following her degrees in Classics at Newnham College, Cambridge.

Administrative Assistant: Chloe Lewis, BA MA (Res)

Chloe first came to the BSR on the City of Rome Postgraduate Course in 2013. She returned as a member of staff in 2014, following her MA (Res) at the University of Reading.

Accounts ClerkIsabella Gelosia

Isabella has been with the BSR since 1980 and has served under six directors so far.

Director’s Assistant and Permissions Officer: Stefania Peterlini

Stefania has been working with the BSR in various capacities since 2001, and now manages special permits, taught courses and supports the Director. 

Residence ManagerChristine Martin, BA

Christine joined us in 2012 and is responsible for the residence, accommodation and event planning at the BSR.

Registrar & Publications ManagerGill Clark, BA PhD

Gill joined the BSR staff in March 1991, but her relationship with the BSR began as a Rome Scholar in 1980-1 followed by Rome Fellow in 1987-9. Gill now leads our London office. 

Development DirectorElizabeth Rabineau, BA MSc PgDip

Elizabeth joined the BSR in 2014 to continue her distinguished and varied career in fund-raising and development in the UK and US. 

Administrative Assistant (London): Kirsten Amor, BA PgCert

Kirsten joined the London office in October 2014.

Systems consultantSusan Smith, MA

Susan oversees IT and process management within the BSR. 

Domestic Bursar: Renato Parente 

Maintenance: Fulvio Astolfi

Cleaning staff: Donatella Astolfi & Alba Coratti

Donatella began part-time in 2001 becoming full-time in 2003, cleaning the library and BSR public spaces.
Alba has worked at the BSR since 1993 and currently looks after the north wing studios and study bedrooms in the east wing.

Cooks: Luca Albanese, Dharma Wijesiriwardana

Waiter and Technical Assistant: Giuseppe Pellegrino

Peppe started working at the BSR in 1999. Since 2002 he has been responsible also for the technical equipment of the Sainsbury Lecture Theatre.

Waiter/Porter: Antonio Palmieri

Archaeological Services Staff

Molly Cotton Fellow: Stephen Kay, MSc

Stephen worked as a geophysical researcher at the BSR before being awarded the Molly Cotton Fellowship in 2012. He graduated in Archaeology at the University of Durham and then specialised in Archaeological Computing (MSc) at the University of Southampton. He has managed many surveys and projects throughout Italy, and has built up a wide experience of landscape archaeology. He currently field directs the BSR’s joint research project at Segni. He also supervised the BSR’s excavation of a Roman villa as part of the Falacrinae Research Project (which is now being prepared for publication), as well as supervising the Portus Project. In the past he has also worked for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (Archeomar Project), as well as the Sovrintendenza Comunale of Rome (Appia Project). He is currently studying for a PhD at King’s College, London.

Geophysics Researcher: Sophie Hay, MA (Southampton APSS; based at BSR)

As Geophysical Researcher for the Archaeological Prospection Services of [the University of] Southampton (APSS) Sophie project manages surveys in Italy in collaboration with the British School at Rome. As well as conducting geophysical and topographical surveys for the Roman Towns Project at sites such as Otricoli, Portus, Falerii Novi and Fregellae, she also collaborates with universities, Italian authorities and private institutions on a vast range of archaeological research projects. Most recently her work has taken her to Pompeii, Alba Fucens, Rome and Segni, but also further afield, to Tunisia, Libya and Sudan. Before Southampton, she worked for the British School at Rome at Pompeii, Insula IX, Region 1, where she was the site director for archaeological recording, as well as supervising excavations. Her excavation work has taken her to locations such as Belize, Libya and Albania. She is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Southampton.

Research Fellows of the British School at Rome

Dr Joan Barclay Lloyd
The architecture and decoration of medieval churches and monasteries in Rome, c. 1050-c. 1320

Dr Maria Cristina Biella
Giving voice to an ancient city: the case of Falerii Veteres

Dr Claudia Bolgia
Linking evidence: a digital approach to medieval and early Renaissance Rome

Roberta Cascino

Trade and commerce in Rome’s hinterland in the early and middle Republican period: Material culture approaches

Dr Patrizia Cavazzini
The art market and display of works of art in Roman houses in seventeenth-century Rome; artists at the papal court

Dr Roberto Cobianchi
‘Lo temperato uso delle cose’. La committenza dell’Osservanza francescana nell’Italia del Rinascimento

Dr Elizabeth Fentress
Roman archaeology

Dr Inge Lyse Hansen
Role-playing and role-models in Roman imperial art; late Roman funerary art; provincial identity and patronage in the Greek east

Dr Andrew Hopkins
Committenza architettonica fra Venezia e Roma nel Seicento

Dr Joanna Kostylo
Renaissance medicine and the Reformation; Italian art and design in late nineteenth-century Europe

Dr Simon Martin
From peasants into sportsmen: sport and the development of modern Italy

Dr Guido Petruccioli
The collecting and trade of antiquities in late nineteenth- and early twentienth-century Rome: the John Marshall and Edward Perry Warren Archives

Dr Sofia Serenelli
The cult of the Duce and the ‘mountain of Rome’: Terminillo, collective memory and legacies of Fascism, 1934–2012

Dr Karin Wolfe

The Venetian painter Francesco Trevisani


Honorary Fellows of the British School at Rome

Professor Girolamo Arnaldi

Professor Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri

Dr Angelo Bottini

Mr Peter Brown CBE

Professor Andrea Carandini

Mr Roderick Cavaliero

Professor Filippo Coarelli

Professor Francesco D’Andria

Professor Stefano De Caro

Professor Paolo Delogu

Lady Egerton

Professor Emanuela Fabbricotti

Professor Anna Gallina Zevi

Professor Pier Giovanni Guzzo

Mr Robert Jackson

Professor Adriano La Regina

Professor Eugenio La Rocca

Dr Tersilio Leggio

Professor David Marshall

Professor Fergus Millar

Avv. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Professor John Osborne

Dr David Woodley Packard

Professor Silvio Panciera

Professor Paola Pelagatti

Dr Anna Maria Reggiani

Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover, KG

Mr Michael Stillwell

Professor Mario Torelli

Professor Maria Luisa Veloccia Rinaldi

Professor Fausto Zevi