Conversation with Phoebe Boswell and Angelica Pesarini (NYU Florence)

THURSDAY 24 OCTOBER 18.00-19.30

The second event of the BSR Fine Arts Talks | Talk Justice series will be a conversation between artist Phoebe Boswell (Bridget Riley Fellow 2019) and Dr Angelica Pesarini (NYU Florence). Pesarini, whose research is dedicated to the analysis of the intersections of race, gender and citizenship in colonial and postcolonial Italy will respond to Boswell’s work, which is anchored in a restless state of diasporic consciousness. Combining draftswomanship and digital technology, Boswell creates immersive installations and bodies of work that layer drawing, animation, sound, video and interactivity in an effort to find new languages robust yet open and multifaceted enough to house, centre and amplify voices and histories which, like her own, are often systemically marginalised or sidelined as ‘other’.