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Welcome to the BSR

Welcome to one of the most prestigious research academies in Rome.

For over 100 years world-class researchers of the art, history and culture of the western Mediterranean and the best contemporary artists in the Commonwealth have been nurtured at the BSR.

They still are.

We are the bridge between the intellectual and cultural heart of Rome and Italy and creative and academic researchers from Britain and the Commonwealth.

We celebrate these achievements, and welcome you to begin to explore what the BSR can offer you, and how you can be a part of a very special place.

Christopher Smith, Director of the BSR

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Next Mostra of works by BSR visual arts award-holders: 12 December 2014

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Latest News

Thursday 16 October 2014

Blueprint Awards 2014: Congratulations Adam Nathaniel Furman

Congratulations to Adam Nathaniel Furman (Rome Prize-winner in Architecture 2014-15) who won the Blueprint Award 2014 for Best Design Innovation Project or Product on 14… more

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Anne-Marie Creamer: Treatment for Six Characters

Anne-Marie Creamer (Derek Hill Foundation Scholar 2012–13) is the Director and Producer of ‘Treatment for Six Characters’ an unrealised film by Luigi Pirandello which will… more